Bobby Green’s Old Crow Belly Tank Blog:
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Great site to keep up on the happenings at the Old Crow Speed Shop owned by Bobby Green, his crew, and his belly tank builds and record breaking Dry Lakes runs.

The American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF):
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The Foundation was set up by Steve, Carol and John Memishian in 2002 with the broad purpose of preserving, promoting and celebrating the history of hot rodding.  Run by my good friend Jim Miller, Curator and Historian of AHRF, Jim is a certifiable car nut. He was born into a family with gasoline in its veins. His grandfather was a Duesenberg driver/mechanic and set over 40 speed records at Muroc dry lake in the 1930’s. Jim’s father, Eddie Miller, was a founding member of the pre-war S.C.T.A. Centuries Club and built a record-breaking lakester before designing the last of Lance Reventlow’s Scarab race cars.


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