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Hot Rod Exposition: 1948-1949
Still working on the history here…started in 1948.  1948 and 1949 was called the “Hot Rod Exposition”.   SCTA was a big part of this event.  In 1950, it morphed into the Petersen Motorama.

Petersen Motorama (1950-1955; 1966)
First held at the Shrine Auditorium, in 1951 it moved and stayed at the Pan Pacific Auditorium

Hot Rod and Motor Sports Show (1950-1953)
In 1950, the name of this show was first used – “Hot Rod and Motor Sports Show”.  In 1950, this was the “3rd annual” but what really happened is that SCTA moved over and helped start the 1950 Petersen Motorama leaving open a “Timing Association” sponsored show.  Russetta jumped in and in 1950 changed the name to “Hot Rod and Motor Sports Show” and it continued under this name from 1950-1953.  Still researching if it was held in 1954 or beyond.

Hollywood Hot Rod Manual

Throttle Magazine (Prewar)



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